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smudge sticks


Smudging is an ancient tradition used by many cultures to clear out negative energy and manifest the energy you desire. It can also removes bacteria from the air and can even elevate serotonin which balances mood and helps with sleep.


Intention is everything.

Setting an intention for smudging can seem like a daunting task so I create my sticks using herbs and flowers to help focus your intention. With any of them you can also set the intention to what you are feeling in your heart. It may change room to room and that is OK. I believe what we focus on is what we receive so I focus on bringing in positive feelings rather than dispelling negative.

The plants are all sustainably harvested from my organic garden in Melrose, MA. While wrapping smudge sticks in the last few years I would recite the serenity prayer since I was searching for the ability to let go, hence Serenity Sage. I am forever grateful that ability came and I can now create these sticks with the intentions noted in the descriptions. Wholesale floral smudge sticks available upon request.

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