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Organic Sage & Yarrow Smudge Stick


The botanical name for Yarrow, achillea, comes from the Greek hero Achilles name. When Achilles was born, his mother was said to have held him by his heel and dipped him in a bath of yarrow-infused water to protect him. His vulnerable heel, the one she held him by, was where he was eventually mortally wounded. During the Trojan wars, Achilles was also said to have staunched the bleeding of his soldiers with yarrow hence its other names, Staunchweed, Herbe militaris' and Soldier's Woundwort. The intention set when creating these sticks was to hold a space for healing and protect both physically and mentally. This smudge stick also makes a great gift for a new homeowner to invite overall protection of the home or the space it is burned in.


  • Once opened smudge sticks are not eligable for return but please contact me if there is any issue and I will make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.