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Lesley Keegan at the potters wheel



Serenity Sage

made with love in Melrose, MA

smudge sticks

I am so excited to share that I opened a brick and mortar store in Melrose, Paper and Clay!




My love of gardening, pottery, crafting, home decorating and spiritual exploration have all swirled together.

As a child I was fascinated by the healing properties of plants. I dreamt of being an herbalist and was constantly reading books on the subject and working in the garden with my dad. I was always creating. My high school, Pingree, had a wonderful arts program and I took full advantage. I excelled in math and science as well and felt a strong force to help others so I went on to college studying pharmacy at Northeastern University. After a year I decided it was not the right fit for me and pursued a degree in Media Art and Design. After I graduated I worked as an illustrator, web developer, and in the packaging industry.

When my children were born I left work so I could be home with them and shared my love of crafting and gardening with them.. In 2017 their fairy gardens were a part of the urban farm tour in Melrose along with my organic sustainable vegetable garden (if we ever meet and this interests you, ask me about it! 

From that organic garden I started making my own smudge sticks from a sage plant that would not go away despite some effort. I found so much peace during the process of wrapping them, often while simultaneously reciting the serenity prayer (hence Serenity Sage). The previous five years had been filled with a lot of pain and loss and I had felt totally lost. Through the ceremonial practice of smudging I found hope and motivation for a new beginning. I have since been certified as a master herbalist and pulled my potters wheel down from the attic where it had been stored for over 10 years. I am inspired by nature, intuition and prayer and am forever grateful.

Thank you for stopping by!

“to achieve great things, we must first dream”  Coco Chanel

Lesley Keegan
soy candle in pottery


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